Frequently asked questions

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Buying coffee

Yes, we have a roastery and bar at Huidenclub – Diepeveen gebouw in Rotterdam West. Opening hours are at the contact page.
You can also find us at the Rotterdamse Oogst market at Noordplein every Saturday between 10 – 17.

Yes, you can order online in the shop and choose the option ‘pick up’*. We’ll send you a mail, when the coffee is ready for pick up and schedule an appointment.

*This option is only available when you fill in an address in Rijnmond region.

Yes, our opening hours are on the contact page. On Monday and Tuesday we roast our coffees, the bar is closed, but you can drop by to buy and pick up coffee.

We roast every week, most of the times, three days a week

Schot 6


Shipping within The Netherlands is usually next day delivery. Once the coffee is shipped you’ll receive an e-mail notification and coffee will usually be delivered the next day.

Shipping outside The Netherlands takes 3-7 days, depending on the country of destination. If you like to know the delivery time for your specific location, please get in touch with us.


We roast all our coffees in small batches on our Giesen W15 roaster. We roast our coffees light, so you can experience maximum flavour.

Some coffees we roast the same way for espresso and filter – these are called omni roasts. In this case there is no filter / espresso option.

Yes, if there is a filter and espresso option, these roast profiles are different. The heat application and roast time are different for filter and espresso. The filter roasts are lighter in body and have more focus on acidity.

There is a sticker on the bottom of the bag with the roast date.


We recommend brewing our coffees from 2 weeks up to 2 months after roast date. You can brew the coffee after that, but flavours will slowly fade after 2 months.

Most of the times, peak flavour is around three weeks after roast date

All our coffee bags have a one-way valve and a zip-seal, so the beans can release their CO2 and no oxygen is getting in. Store your beans in a dark place at room temperature.

Once you open the bag, enjoy the coffee as soon as possible.

For optimum flavour, we recommend you grind your coffee beans fresh just before brewing.

We do offer the option of ground coffee. You can request to have the beans ground in the ’notes’. Please also indicate for what method (espresso, percolator, french press etc.) you would like to have the coffee ground.

We offer one Decaf coffee, it’s a sugar cane process Decaf from Colombia. You can find it in our webshop here.


We are sourcing our coffees directly from farmers and trusted suppliers. We pay premium prices for our coffee and care that the coffee is grown in a sustainable way.

None of our coffees are certified. We don’t believe in certifications. We pay premium prices for premium coffees; prices received by farmers we work with are far better than those paid for Faitrade coffees. This way we make sure that farmers can invest in their plantations.

There are a few coffees we have all year round, like the Brazil Dulce and Washed Ethiopia. But for most coffees, we prefer to work seasonal – small volume microlots from (small) producers. The coffee is offered for a limited time, but comes back each year.


You can register under ‘Wholesale’ and apply for a wholesale account. We’ll create an account for you and you can easily shop online.