Schot Coffee Roasters

Premium quality, craftsmanship, engagement.

We buy top-quality coffee beans, directly from farmers and trusted suppliers, building long-term relationships. We pay a premium price for our green coffees, so farmers can invest in their plantation. When roasting our goal is to make sure our coffees are balanced, sweet and well-developed, highlighting the unique flavors of the region.

We roast our coffees in small batches of five (espresso) and three (filter) kilo on a Giesen W6.

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Meet the team!

Foto koffiewerkplaats

Working in the coffee industry since 2005. Started the roastery in 2010.

Schot 2 15
Roaster, barista trainer

Jiske joined Schot Coffee Roasters in 2017 after working as a barista at several coffee bars in Rotterdam.

Schot Roaster
Sales, barista

Ella joined Schot Coffee Roasters in 2022.

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