Schot Coffee Roasters

Premium quality, craftsmanship, engagement.

We buy top-quality coffee beans, directly from farmers and trusted suppliers, building long-term relationships. We pay a premium price for our green coffees, so farmers can invest in their plantation. When roasting our goal is to make sure our coffees are balanced, sweet and well-developed, highlighting the unique flavors of the region.

Every week we roast our coffees in small batches of twelve (espresso) and six (filter) and four (competition coffee) kilo on a Giesen W15.

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Meet the team!

Foto koffiewerkplaats

Working in the coffee industry since 2005. Started the roastery in 2010.

wesite foto jiske
Roaster, barista trainer

Jiske joined Schot Coffee Roasters in 2017 after working as a barista at several coffee bars in Rotterdam.

Schot Roaster
Sales, barista

Ella joined Schot Coffee Roasters in 2022.

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